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My name is Baxter Stapleton and I have dedicated my life to seek justice and love kindness. I am running for Congress because the system will not change until we replace the leaders in it.  Working, everyday people deserve a seat at the table in The People's House to make decisions in our best interest. My campaign is about accountability. In Congress I will fight to hold companies and the ultra wealthy accountable to pay their fair share in taxes for the greater good, and I will work to transform our economy to adapt and rise to the challenges of automation, climate change, and China's global influence.


As an active citizen I have helped bills successfully pass through Congress including the Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009 so I know how the system works and how to build strong coalitions. My experience as a filmmaker will aid me in holding corporate leaders accountable and educating the public about current public policy and how each bill I vote on will impact their lives.

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